Woman who alleged rape enters guilty plea

Greenview Hospital fired tech

A Franklin woman pleaded guilty Friday to falsely reporting an incident after she told Bowling Green police in June that a hospital tech sexually assaulted her at Greenview Regional Hospital.

Lynn Kochenderfer, 41, was sentenced to 12 months in jail. In lieu of jail time, she will serve 60 days on home incarceration with the remainder probated for 24 months on the condition that she not violate the law. She must pay $176.55 restitution to the Bowling Green Police Department, pay court costs and stay out of Greenview Hospital except in emergency circumstances.

The restitution covers the cost of the investigation, Warren County Attorney Amy Milliken said.

Milliken pursued the charges against Kochenderfer because falsely reporting a sexual assault damages the credibility of women who have been legitimate victims of rape, she said.

“This type of crime undermines the true victim because when they present themselves to the police when things like this happen, it creates skepticism and that’s unfair and wrong,” she said.

Kochenderfer told BGPD Detective Brett Kreilein on June 1 that she was sexually assaulted by an emergency room tech during two separate visits to the hospital, according to police records. She first reported the incident to a Bowling Green attorney, who referred her to the police department.

She told police that during the first visit to the hospital May 14, the tech touched her and made a complimentary comment about her breast. The tech gave Kochenderfer his cellphone number and told her to text him if she needed anything. Kochenderfer said the tech sent her a text message making reference that they could have had fun together, according to city police records.

During Kochenderfer’s next visit to the hospital May 18, she alleged that the tech came into her hospital room and that the two had sex. She told Kreilein that she never resisted the tech’s advances or told him “no.” She said she was shocked about the incident and heavily medicated.

Police subpoenaed her Bluegrass Cellular telephone text messages, which revealed that Kochenderfer and the tech exchanged sexually explicit text messages in which they both discussed sex acts that they would like to perform with each other, according to police records.

When Kreilein confronted Kochenderfer about the text messages, she told police that she didn’t remember texting the tech any sexual comments and that it was unlike her, according to police records.

After learning of the allegations, Greenview Hospital conducted an internal review and fired the tech, hospital chief executive officer Mark Marsh said.

Greenview self-reported the incident to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services Office of Inspector General after learning about allegations.

Two OIG representatives reviewed the incident and the hospital’s response and found that the hospital acted properly, Greenview spokesman Alan Palmer said.

“The Bowling Green Police Department did a really great job following up on every possible lead in this case,” Milliken said.

That determination led police to learning that the rape allegations against the tech were false, she said.

“They always take rape cases very seriously, and we always appreciate their hard work and dedication,” Milliken said.


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