Woman lied about burglary, rape attempt to cover up crash, deputies say

Amanda Angelero, 19, called deputies to a Mobile station near her home about 7:10 a.m. Monday, reports state.

A 19-year-old Orange County woman was arrested early Monday, accused of wasting more than a dozen deputies' time as they investigated her false reports of assault, burglary and attempted rape.

Amanda Angelero called 911 about 7:10 a.m. Monday from a pay phone outside a closed Mobile station near the intersection of Valencia College Lane and Goldenrod Road, an arrest report states.

The report says Angelero described in specific detail the man who she said had assaulted her in her unit at nearby Jasmine of Orlando East apartments, before stealing her wallet, cell phone and car.

Investigators took her back to the complex, where they found the woman's red 1994 Honda parked in a parking spot. The car was heavily damaged, a deputy at the scene noted.

Angelero was in a patrol vehicle filling out a statement. When a deputy opened the car door to ask Angelero about the damage, he detected the "moderate to heavy odor" of alcohol, the report states.

She denied drinking, the report states, and changed her story: The man had tried to rape her, she now said, and after she fought him off, he crashed the car into a tree, fleeing on foot.

But a witness told deputies that it was Angelero, not an assailant, who crashed the car into a tree and a sign. Investigators noted that she continually changed her version of events, which never added up.

The report states that as many as 18 deputies were involved in investigating and searching for the man Angelero had said attacked her. They spent more than two hours, the report says.

"My investigation of the incident revealed that there never was a burglary to the defendant residence, no struggle or physical altercation had ever occurred," wrote an investigating deputy.

Angelero was charged with misusing the 911 emergency system and making false reports to law enforcement. She was arrested and booked into the Orange County Jail. Records show Angelero has since been released.


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