Innocent man wrongly accused for three decades finally fulfils his dream to get married

He was released from prison two years ago after being cleared of false rape charges and now James Bain has finally fulfilled his dream of becoming a husband.

The 56-year-old, who spent 35 years behind bars after being wrongly accused of the crime, became a married man on Saturday in Tampa, Florida.

Mr Bain, of Florida, said he had long dreamed of his wedding day from his cell and said: ‘You just think in your mind I wish it was me. Today it is.’

When he met his bride almost two years ago, he said he instantly knew Mallielin was ‘The One’.

He told Fox news: ‘We practically felt each other by site.’

Since being cleared and released in 2009, James has had a long list of firsts – from using a mobile phone, to ringing the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

He walked free out of Polk Court Courthouse in December 2009 when a DNA test proved he was innocent of the rape and kidnapping of a nine-year-old boy in 1973.

Bain was 19-years-old when he began his sentence, that saw him spend most of his life behind bars.

He was awarded $1.7 million in compensation from the US state after being found innocent.

And he is now looking forward to the rest of his life with his new bride, saying he feels ‘wonderful, very wonderful’.

Since being awarded the money, Bain has bought a house and a SUV, but is saving the rest of it he says.

The prosecutor of the original case, Edward Threadgill, who is now 79, told CNN when Bain was released that he was upset he had been wrongly imprisoned.

He said after Bain was freed: ‘It upsets me that an innocent man was in prison. It disturbs me greatly.

‘I think we did the best with the technology we had. We did the best we could with what we had.’

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