F’ville police charge woman with false rape claim

A South Carolina woman was charged by Fayetteville Police with making false statements in a Sept. 10 incident that occurred at the home of her boyfriend in Fayetteville. The woman told officers her boyfriend had raped her but was later arrested for making false statements during an interview with female detectives.

Fayetteville Police spokesman Steve Crawshaw said 40-year-old Angella Caprice Miller, of Hopkins, S.C., was charged with making false statements and writings after an incident that police reports said involved her boyfriend, a Fayetteville resident.

Crawshaw said police at 1:20 p.m. were dispatched on a 911 domestic call made by the boyfriend, asking for an officer to come to his residence. Upon his arrival and as he was walking up to the open garage door the officer heard people talking inside the home, Crawshaw said. The officer paused to listen to the conversation and heard Miller saying that when the police arrive she would, “tell them you raped me,” said Crawshaw.

The man in response replied, “Whatever. I just want you to get your things and leave,” reports said.

The officer reported that at this point the two began arguing with raised voices. That is when the officer stepped in, Crawshaw said.

Upon questioning the two, Miller said they had been arguing because the boyfriend had other plans and wanted her to leave, reports said.

The police report noted that Miller began making comments saying she did not want to say what the boyfriend had done to her, implying a sexual assault, officers said. At that point the officer asked if Miller was saying she had been raped, Crawshaw said. Miller responded by saying that she “did not want to get him in trouble,” according to reports.

The officer asked again if she had been raped and received no reply. A short time later Miller called the officer over and said she could not let the boyfriend get away with this and that she wanted to press charges because he raped her, reports said.

The woman subsequently told the officer she had spoken with a family member and did not want to get the boyfriend in trouble and did not want to press charges, according to reports.

Miller was asked by officers to come to the police department where she could meet with two females detectives. As a result of that interview Miller was charged with making false statements and writings. Crawshaw said the charge resulted from a significant number of conflicts in her statements in relation to the story she told officers.


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