What to do if you are wrongly accused

While we are always happy to hear from and to lend support to the wrongly accused and their loved ones, we are loathe to furnish legal advice -- and not because we don't want to. If we were to furnish legal advice, it could do the wrongly accused a grave disservice. Only a licensed and qualified attorney who is able to interview the accused and to conduct other appropriate investigation can properly serve his interests.

If you are accused of a sex crime, get the best criminal attorney in the area to represent you, preferably one who has tried before a jury numerous similar cases. Spare no expense because it is the most important investment you will ever make.

Make sure you have an attorney present, and make sure you follow his or her advice, when you speak with police or anyone else about the matter of which you've been accused and related matters. If you receive a suspicious phone call from anyone trying to get you to discuss the incident or related incidents, it might be a pretext call -- a call recorded by police in order to get you to incriminate yourself. Be polite but firm. Refuse to answer questions or engage the caller in a conversation. Hang up as soon as possible and call your criminal defense attorney. Anything you say might be used as evidence in a criminal trial against you, depending on the jurisdiction.

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