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This Web site was started by a U.S.-based attorney to raise awareness about false rape claims.

I became interested in this subject in a roundabout way.  As a lifelong liberal and strong supporter of equal rights for women, I had always accepted the feminist insistence that only two percent of all rape claims are false. To be honest, I felt assured by it. 

But then I became involved in a pecular case involving a false rape claim, and my studies led me to research done by persons without a political agenda. I found that the two percent claim was not correct. False rape claims, in fact, comprise a much higher percentage of all rape claims.  Worse, I found that false rape claim victims had peculiar needs, unique needs, and that their suffering is not being addressed. I also found it disurbing that the entire field was terribly politicized, and that things which are untrue are repeated over and over and over in order to carry out an ideological agenda.

I also found that in case after case involving false rape claims, judges bemoan the harm done to actual rape victims by the lies.  The credibility of every rape victim is reduced with every rape lie.  I began to seriously wonder why the persons who dominate the public discourse about rape would insist on sticking their heads in the sand and do nothing to help reduce the prevalence of false rape claims.  Unfortunately, as I discovered, any other course of conduct would be inconsistent with their ideological stance that allows neither for nuance nor for any admission that males can be victimized by the actions of women in significant numbers.

I decided to write an article about what I'd found, and to monitor false rape claims in the news. I decided to put the raw news stories I found into a blog in case anyone else became interested in it.  This blog is the result of that.  My article has turned into a book I am writing, and the blog that nobody read has acquired a large and zealous readership.

I am still a very strong supporter of equal rights for women.  But I part company with what I believe is a small but vocal cabal of ideologues that seems disinterested in helping victims of false rape claims.  In a strange way, our blog has become a champion to enhance the credibiltiy of rape victims by eradicating false rape claims.  We have been surprised about the number of rape victims who support our work precisely because false accusations make achieving justice for rape all the more difficult.

Every objective study ever conducted on the prevalence of false rape claims reveals that they are a significant problem. Yet, despite the grievous harm often suffered by the falsely accused, their unique needs are not being addressed.

We freely permit the reputations of persons falsely accused of sex crimes to be destroyed by baseless accusations; we freely permit the presumed innocent, who too often turn out to be falsely accused, to be arrested and jailed on even far-fetched claims, with bail set sufficiently high to insure they won't be released before trial; and we freely excuse false accusers with little or no punishment, thus providing no deterrent to other would-be false accusers.

These needs of the falsely accused, and others, are ignored because issues surrounding rape have become unnecessarily gender-politicized, and the persons who dominate the public discourse about rape refuse to acknowledge the false rape problem because, they wrongly insist, it would somehow hamper the war on rape.

By any measure, denigrating the experience of the wrongly accused by dismissing their victimization as a myth or as unworthy of our discussion, much less our protection, is not merely dishonest but morally grotesque.

If you have news or a comment about false rape or sexual assault accusations, contact us at thefrs@ymail.com

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