No rape charges vs. U. of Ark. basketball players

Prosecutor: No charges in alleged Ark. rape case

By JON GAMBRELL, Associated Press Writer Jon Gambrell, Associated Press Writer – 46 mins ago

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A prosecutor says he won't file charges over an alleged rape at an on-campus fraternity at the University of Arkansas after investigating the behavior of three Razorback basketball players.

Prosecutor John Threet told The Associated Press that details from witnesses and statements from the alleged victim herself showed a lack of evidence. Threet said the woman had attended a party at the Phi Gamma Delta house the first week of classes at the school and that alcohol was involved.

Earlier Wednesday, deputy prosecuting attorney Dustin Roberts had told Rogers television station KHOG that charges could be filed by the afternoon.

University police Lt. Gary Crane told the AP that a female student had filed a complaint saying she was raped on Aug. 27 at the fraternity house, a short walk from the arena where the basketball team plays.



No Charges to be Filed in UA Rape Investigation

The Washington County Prosecuting Attorney's Office says there will be no charges filed in a rape investigation that involved University of Arkansas basketball players. The victim's attorney, John Bass, has told 5news earlier that he had been working with the Washington County Prosecuting Attorney's Office on the now closed investigation. The University of Arkansas police tell us the alleged rape happened at a fraternity house on the U of A campus on August 27th. A report from the u of a police says the victim walked into the university pd and told police she had been raped by an acquaintance. The Prosecuting Attorneys Office told us that there was not enough evidence to file charges.

University of Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long released this statement regarding the rape investigation: "The athletic department is aware of an ongoing investigation into an incident involving an alleged sexual offense. We are also aware that students, including student-athletes, have been questioned regarding this matter. The department and our student-athletes have cooperated fully with the investigation and will continue to do so. We will not speculate on any allegations. We will wait for the prosecutor's office to assess the case and determine how the matter should proceed. We will support our student-athletes in an appropriate manner in accordance with University and NCAA guidelines."

The Victim's attorney, John Bass, released this statement this afternoon:

"As you know, I represent the victim and her family in this matter, and am acting as their counsel to guide them through this difficult process. We have just learned that the Washington County Prosecutor's Office has made the decision to not file charges in this matter. At this time we are reviewing all available information and will continue to explore all options until this matter is resolved. I cannot speculate as to what that may entail at this time, but may have a more detailed comment at a later time. As before, the family wishes to keep this a private matter and again we appreciate your respecting that and please continue to make contact through me only, and please continue to keep the victim's and the family's name out of the press."


SEC Talk Forum:

Arky players in trouble

An ugly story is developing in Northwest Arkansas today.

Three basketball players at the University of Arkansas are under investigation for rape, a prosecutor told a local TV outlet.

The players were not identified by prosecutors.

The alleged incident took place late last month at a sorority house. Campus police initially investigated the claim and concluded there was not enough evidence to press charges.

But the case was turned over to Washington County prosecutors.AD Jeff Long issued a statement about an hour ago confirming the investigation.
__________________________________________ Reports Say Rape Case Involves Razorback Basketball Players

By Staffttp://

Northwest Arkansas' KHBS/KHOG 40/29 is reporting that three Arkansas Razorback basketball players are involved in a rape that occurred at a campus fraternity house late last month.
Prosecutor: UA athletes under investigation in campus rape Clipped Fresh --

This news report on a Fort Smith-Fayetteville, AR television station, interrupted regular programming to report on the alleged rape. At 3:30 into the story, the reporter reminds people about the Duke scandal, but then immediately made this bizarre comment: ". . . that three basketball players are involved doesn't speak well for what's happening with the University of Arkansas basketball program."


Tracy says:
September 9, 2009 at 10:43 AM
And it begins again. Jeebus. I remember when several of Nolan’s players were under investigation in the 80s-90s. What is up with athletes thinking they can get away with this shit?

Tracy says:
September 9, 2009 at 1:18 PM
No charges filed. What a shocker.

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